Give your clients the tax
audit protection they need

and reduce the workload for your practice.

    Our newest partners

    new partners

    AuditCover is a specialist tax audit insurance
    partner for accounting firms. 

    When responding to the ATO or state-based authorities and agencies, we provide your clients with tailored and direct cover for professional service fees incurred when they’re subject to a tax audit or compliance obligation.

    Whether they have made an error in their paperwork or have been selected at random, you can ensure your firm gets paid (in full and quickly) if an audit occurs.

    Get paid

    Your clients only pay for the tax audit cover they need. There are no hidden fees and the cost of tax audit insurance is tax deductible.

    Remove admin

    The entire workflow is managed through our seamless and secure online platform for onboarding, updates, reminders, renewals and ongoing client support.

    Stay in control

    AuditCover can provide personalised quotes to your clients or simply provide live quotes through your own dashboard.

    Your clients are increasingly likely to be singled out for a triggered or random tax audit.

    Each year 1 in 6 Australian taxpaying entities is considered for further investigation by the regulating bodies, as the ATO adopts more advanced technologies to identify anomalies in tax returns and to run randomised checks.

    Whether it’s due to genuine tax avoidance or an innocent mistake in information provided, the cost of being audited can run into tens of thousands of dollars.

    What accountants think about AuditCover’s tax audit insurance platform


    “The AuditCover team are legends.  Easy to work with, incredibly responsive and helpful and solved a real pain point for All In Advisory with offering audit cover to our clients.  Their processes are so much more automated and seamless than other providers in this space.  Breath of fresh air in fact! and so excited for where they can take this product.”

    Aly Garrett, All In Advisory, Adelaide


    “Our firm transitioned to Audit Cover this year and the process has been seamless. They have taken care of all the administrative side of things, are available to assist with any queries in a timely manner. We’re no longer having to deal with client payments and the self-quote option for clients has brought a new level of ease for getting our clients the right cover for them. Our take up rates have increased as well which confirms to us moving to Audit Cover was the right choice not only for our firm but also our clients.”

    Melanie Zander, MJA Business Solutions


    “The team at AuditCover are awesome to work with. Our previous experience with taking up audit insurance coverage for clients has been very manual but AuditCover made it really easy for us and our clients to set up and manage. The portal is user friendly and it’s really clear and easy to understand. Highly recommend.”

    Ahmad Beydoun, Fraser Scott & Co


    “It has been a pleasure working alongside AuditCover team. The whole process took next to no effort on our side and we were guided and supported throughout the process for whatever little we had to do. It has been a win-win for all. ”

    Vakeel Dhillon

    Audit insurance should be simple

    Set up your account

    Tailor the platform to your specific practice and client needs.

    Launch your campaign

    Generate an offer for Tax Audit Cover for each of your clients.

    Monitor your performance

    Keep an eye on the portfolio take up, and see year-on-year improvements.

    What we cover

    Capital Gains Tax
    Income Tax
    Land Tax
    Payroll Tax
    BAS/GST Compliance
    Superannuation Guarantee
    Fringe Benefits Tax
    Stamp Duty

    Who we cover

    Individuals (PAYG)
    Sole traders
    superannuation funds

    Tax audit insurance is changing

    AuditCover has evolved to reflect the needs of today’s accounting industry.

    Your practice is the policyholder.Your client is the policyholder
    Your practice on-sells group insurance to your clients, so you are responsible for the cover that they provide.Quotes are sent directly to your clients eliminating practice obligations for you and your team.
    Your practice has to manage enquiries, claims, renewals, payments, and updates every year.Your clients are in control of their own policy, meaning no renewal admin for the firm, and ongoing client support.
    Non disclosed feesFully transparent pricing

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