The State of Tax Audits in Australia


Data democratisation and the ATO. Exploring the data gaps, government subsidies, and the TaxPayers charter for FY21 reporting.

About this event

Part 3 will explore how ATO pre-fill data impacts on rights and obligations for taxpayers in FY21, including reporting JobKeeper, JobMaker, and COVID-19 relief payments and how it will impact accountants and tax practitioners.

Our special guests include Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman Karen Payne, the founder of ATOmate, Stan Corner, and Head of Strategy and Business Development at AssetAccountant, Mike Roberts.

In this event our panel will discuss;

  • Issues around the procedural fairness and taxpayer rights under the taxpayers charter that can arise where ATO data is not available to taxpayers and their representatives
  • Risks for accountants and tax practitioners where pre-fill data doesn’t match taxpayer records and instructions
  • What data will the ATO have around JobKeeper, Job Maker and other Government subsidies, grants, incentives and exemptions – what does this mean for FY21 reporting
  • How (and on what terms) the ATO works with third-party providers like ATOMate and AssetAccountant
  • How and when the ATO shares its data with accountants and third parties to improve compliance, reporting and debt collection (an update on the ATO data-window project)

Our Speakers

Karen Payne, Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman

Ms Karen Payne was appointed Inspector-General of Taxation & Taxation Ombudsman commencing on 6 May 2019.

She leads the Taxation Ombudsman complaints management service for taxpayers and advisers and the Inspector-General of Taxation’s review and public reporting function, both of which are directed at improving the tax administration system for all taxpayers.

Ms Payne was previously a Member of the Board of Taxation as well as the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Taxation. She was formerly a partner with MinterEllison, specialising in corporate and international tax for mergers and acquisitions, and capital raising for the financial services, mining, energy, and utilities sectors. Her career includes a broad range of experience (legal, accounting, audit, education, and tax return preparation) across a diverse range of taxpayers (including individuals, trusts, companies, and partnerships).

Stan Corner, founder and CEO at Business Automation Works

Business Automation Works (BAW), is the team behind ATOmate and other automation solutions for accountants, property managers and the manufacturing industry. ATOMate is designed to automate the processing, reviewing, and distribution of ATO correspondence. ATOmate integrates with a range of market-leading practice and document management platforms, helping accountants reduce their ATO document processing time by 90%.

Mike Roberts, Head of Strategy and Business Development, AssetAccountant™

Mike has spent over 20 years in the tax and accounting software industry including 15 years of big 4 experience with Deloitte and EY. He spent five years at Thomson Reuters as the Managing Director of the EMEA Corporate Market with responsibility for products covering tax areas such as transfer pricing, indirect tax compliance and determination, accounts production and corporate tax reporting. Originally from the UK, Mike has spent time working in London, San Francisco and Melbourne.

This event is brought to you by AuditCover Australia.

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Part 3

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