Frequently Asked Questions

AuditCover makes life simple though questions may still arise. Check out our FAQ section below for speedy solutions and feel free to contact us for further assistance.

How do I make a claim?

Simple. Either the insured or the intermediary can lodge via our technology platform. Once liability on the claim is determined, AuditCover and the intermediary attending to the audit. The insured is kept up-to-speed during the course of any claim.

Who can take out a policy?

Salary earners, sole traders, companies, directors and SMSFs. We also have a master policy model whereby intermediaries can take out a policy for select or all of their clients. The delivery of these policies are facilitated by best-in-class technology that make the process for individuals and intermediaries seamless.

How can I offer AuditCover to my clients?

You can sign up as an intermediary at no cost, and offer audit insurance to your clients. This is useful for accountants, financial planners, SMSF auditors, insurance brokerages, or any service provider with an interest in the protection of their clients. 

Any other insurance products?

Yes, for intermediaries, when you sign up you’ll have the ability to offer your clients an array of insurance products, all with the same, best-in-class delivery experience. 

How secure is an audit policy?

The security level of the policy provider is subject to high levels of scrutiny and quantified by the globe’s leading ratings agencies. The security for AuditCover Insurance is APRA Approved, and enjoys an A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s, AA- from Fitch and A from A.M.Best.

What isn’t covered?

Fees sustained that are not directly related to the audit response, and fees that exceed the insured limit. We recommend that you review your policy documents as a means to achieve a full understanding of all the inclusions and exclusions. You can also call AuditCover, your intermediary partner or your broker.